Newman Lake

Spokane, Washington

Historical Photos

This is a small collection of historical photos of and relating to Newman Lake, Washington.

Gillett Hotel

Gillett Hotel

Looking from the north end. This hotel was located on the far west side of the lake.
Post Card

Post Card

Gillett hotel, then Kolbe's, then the Evangelical church owned this property. Not standing now, the area has cottages and homes.
The Day Hotel

The Day Hotel

At the south end of the lake taken around 1908.
Fir Lodge

Fir Lodge

East side of the Peninsula. Professor W.E. Jackson and his wife (on deck), daughter Helen (stairs), and son Loren, built this cabin in 1911. Date of picture is 1939.
View of Newman Lake

View of Lake

From the central East side of the Peninsula looking towards Bass Point. This was taken in 1932. Loren Jackson on a ride in home made motor boat.
View of Newman Lake 2

Early 1920s

Taken by Loren Jackson. The large bay on the East side of the peninsula looking NE.
View of Bass Point

View of Bass Point

An early picture of the lake, looking at some cabins on Bass Point.
Old cabins

Old Cabins on the Lake

These homes were built in the 1920's by Bert Connant on the west side of Newman Lake, near Sutton Bay. Mr. Connant married the former Ann Thom Sutton.
Newspaper article

1911 Building News

Spokesman Review news from June 2, 1911 talking about a few property owners on the lake.
Old Newman Lake depth map

Old Map of Lake Depths

This is an old map charting the water depths around the lake, from 1951.
Old Newman Lake topographic map

Newman Lake Topographic Map

This is a USGS topographic map. (May not be current)
Old Newman Lake fishing map

Old Fishing Map

This is an old Newman Lake fishing map. From the Spokesman Review Newspaper June 2, 1957.